The biggest compliment is when new
customers come to us through patient

Fantastic as always. I love your office staff, they're all very nice, personable, and professional." ~ S.C. Salem, OR
Your office is very friendly, comfortable, and professional." ~ S.P. Salem, OR
I have never been in a dental office where people were laughing. Nice atmosphere!" ~ M.B. Salem, OR
Sheena was great: good demeanor, easy going, professional, responsive, and excellent with dental tools (firm and guided but not rough). Dianna was nice and professional and efficient as usual. Dr. Nakagawa was friendly, professional, and went straight to a few outstanding dental issues to watch, and he explained this all too. A well run organization top to bottom with excellent, engaged employees. I'm an MBA and ongoing student of business who notice such things." ~ T.K. Salem, OR
Sheena makes me laugh and feel so comfortable. Dianna is very personable. Dr. Nakagawa is encouraging." ~ L.H. Salem, OR
You are awesome! The family and I look forward to many years of your services. Thank you for being so good to my children." ~ W.B. Salem, OR
I can't say enough good things about Bryan. He's a great dentist with an informal and friendly demeanor that complements his skill, professionalism, and attentiveness to his patients. His office staff and assistants are all first rate. And, most importantly, after a root canal and several crowns, I am happy to say that he has never hurt me!" ~ M.C. Keizer, OR
Everyone was very friendly, professional, and kind. I love the peaceful and serene feeling of the office. You also have a lovely view." ~ S.P. Salem, OR
Dianna did a super job as usual and got me in, in spite of me forgetting my appointment. My Hygienist did a fine job of informing me of my status and providing tips to improve my oral care." ~ T.S. Salem, OR
I love the staff at Waterplace Dental. I drive all the way from Portland to continue going there." ~ K.D. Portland, OR
Over the years I've spent a lot of time in a dentist's chair because of continuous dental problems. I've always felt I had a good dentist, but now I can honestly say "I have an awesome dentist." Because of Dr. Nakagawa's positive attitude, I had the courage to have dental work done that I had avoided in the past. When I had choices to make, he very patiently explained the pros and cons of each procedure, what it would entail, and a general idea of the cost. He took the time to answer all of my questions, and was very supportive of my decisions. Dr. Nakagawa takes great pride in his work, is very much a perfectionist, and simply enjoys being a dentist. He attends continuing education classes on a regular basis and is therefore knowledgeable of the latest products and dental techniques. I just can't say enough good about Dr. Nakagawa and his staff, and I am confident if you should choose to become his patient, you will be very pleased with your decision." ~ L.C. Salem, OR
I really like being reminded by email and on my cell phone. It was nice that Dr. Bryan complimented the hygienist on her work. Seems to be a very nice place to work and if you've got to go to the dentist a very nice place to be served. You are a good team. Thank you!" ~ N.C. Salem, OR
Dr. Nakagawa is the most compassionate dentist I've ever seen. He understands, therefore eliminates, fear and pain. The work he's done on my teeth is top quality. I can't recommend him enough." ~ K.H. Canby, OR